A general survey is conducted to determine the quality of the air and environment of your property. The investigation also includes a comprehensive report with all our findings and specific recommendations for actions to correct any problems found.

Industry-Leading Analysis

  • Survey the people who have expressed health complaints
  • Conduct a thorough visual examination of the property, materials, furnishings, operation of air grilles for supply and return to specific areas.
  • Inspect the mechanical systems for cleanliness and verify that all components are operating properly.
  • Examine the design and location of outside fresh air intakes and also exhaust outlets.
  • Check the condition of air filters and also the humidification system for standing water or other operational problems.
  • Take measurements of temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Check for other pollutants including airborne fungal spores, surface microbial contamination including of carpets, total volatile organic compounds, ventilation rates and airborne particulate matter (dust).
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